"Sovereignty and 23 April on the theme of" poetry contest


On April 23, the Turkish nation representing the will of the assembly is opened, and is the date we declared our sovereignty. 100 of our sovereignty. Since we have been celebrating her birthday; this year, April 23 has a special importance. Therefore, the hot valued members of the community and Cultural Arts "between sovereignty and 23 April on the theme of" the poetry contest will be held. 17/04/2020 the last Participation Date.

Submit a poem; The Last day of attendance date Friday 17th April hours: up to 17.00 mail should be sent to the address of our association.

The cultural arts community that will occur from hot and the 7-member jury; of the Poetry Competition 1. si to be selected, in the history of 20/04/2020 1. selected members will be announced and awards will be presented.

On April 23 1. selected poems, performed by the author; will be posted on all social media accounts of our association. This is very important for all members of our organization are invited to participate.

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