"Here Is My Chance Meetings 41"

The opportunity to work on our meeting on October 24, 2019 41. the Green Park Hotel si METU economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty, international relations department head Prof. Dr. Hussein was realized with the participation of farmers.

The International Relations Department of Metu, Prof. Dr. Huseyin Bagci, chairman, Turkish foreign policy, relations with the US also made important statements on many issues.


Organized by our association and organizations of the city and experience sharing which has become one of the most important business opportunity of the meeting 41 takes place, with intense involvement of the members took place at the Green Park Hotel. Prof. Dr. head of International Relations Department of Metu Hussein Holy Family as the guest speaker at the opening of the meeting the president pointed to the importance of meetings that opportunity, “41 times Mashallah. for years the same determination and vigour, showing participation in the opportunity to work with excitement and enthusiasm, our efforts in vain, without strengthens our resolve to work, we would like to thank all our members that create value for themselves and the city,” he said. In his speech on the agenda of peace making and a wide space that separates to the operation of the fountain evaluations, our president said:

- Our State, In Addition To Stand Behind Our Troops

“Our army launched on October 9; with great perseverance and determination, continuing with the agreement with the United States and Russia from an important stage in this fight for our state in addition to stand behind our armed forces Turkish. For peace and tranquility, in the bloody hands of terrorist organizations taking over we support every step to be taken for a secure future for our country.” Our president, at the meeting of the association in the General Assembly next to be held in the month of January, announced he would run again. The president of TÜSIAD, Mr. Veli Koçak, Afyonkarahisar, which was attended by former MP Dr. Mahmoud and Father later in the program, to the podium, one of the most important scholars on international relations of the country, Prof. Dr. Huseyin Bagci was.

The United States is not Turkey's enemy

Turkish foreign policy, relations with the countries that shape world politics and the economy, the recent cross-border operations with entrepreneurs that share their views on many important issues, such as Prof. Bağcı, contrary to popular belief, not proximity to Turkey and the United States in the era of Menderes, the Hippodrome began with a speech of Ismet Inönü said. Turkey's enemies thought that with the United States were emphasized. Bağcı, “the United States, there is a policy of destroying Turkey. May want to the weakening of Turkey, but difficult to eliminate IS to ask,” he said. Work is a fight of tension between Turkey Greece boatman, noting that Prof. Bağcı, “as long as we're in NATO, a war between the two countries is out of the question. Once we're out of NATO, the situation changes. Turkey is NATO, because NATO is not a member of the Greeks. We don't want to be a member so he couldn't,” he said.

Turkey Is Doing The Right Thing In This Regard

Emphasizing that Turkey's biggest problem is the developments in Syria, “Turkey in this region have the luxury of being militarily weak” statements that use Prof. Bağcı, “Turkey's recent operations in the two objectives they want to reach. One terrorist organizations, the other refugees to send them back in healthy format. They are doing right. Because these people to return to their homeland is not a political issue, it is also a moral issue,” he said.

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