On November 10, Atatürk's Ankara maturation Fashion Show 2019 clothing collection at the institute, our association was marked by an opportunity in the meeting. Our members who met for a fashion show on November 10, eyes filled with tears, her breasts swelling on.


Our association organized November 10, Atatürk's Ankara Institute of maturation of the participants of the meeting is an opportunity for special clothing collection took the fashion show to date with the right path. The death of great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the 81. Commemorating the anniversary Hanim, participants in the event of plant occurring in social excitement, happiness, sadness, and Hope were living in there. In an emotional speech at the opening of the memorial program, our president M. Allioglu Decent life, through the last struggle, orphaned, soldier, inflexible in the order declared a traitor, homeland defense, and Teddy's grandfather is from Thessaloniki orphan who is the leader of Republic extending from his last moments in this world struggle, he said.


Even Turkish War, Mustafa Kemal çetin out of the victory, and the close of an era a new and modern era opens, that is reminiscent of our president is very brave and a great statesman, “as the children of Atatürk, this unique country is too big of a commitment and a longing to us. Deep gratitude and respect him which is the greatest heritage of the Republic of Turkey protecting and sustaining commitment, and we do not accept compromise. Beautiful country, Gazi Mustafa Kemal pointed to rise to the level of contemporary civilizations, trying with all our might, we are trying,” he said.

Our president bringing a barrage of emotion in the room after his speech, prepared by Ankara maturation entitusu the program, the show continued with. Founded on the podium, on the big screen when presented with scenes from the life of Mustafa Kemal, a professional model also showed up in clothes of that period. Each garment, the audience is mesmerized, almost that took time.

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