Young entrepreneurs under the programme monitors the implementation of the project continues as agreed with the association at our center each month, it will be useful to both experienced entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs develop their businesses and to develop the horizons of trainings will be organized. Distance education training modules through the website of the Association of the sub-structure will be made available to members. The modules in this enterprise so that only members who wish to will benefit from training in management, not all businesses will spread from head to toe.

All the processes of new investments and entrepreneurship for the purpose of cultivating conscious entrepreneurs kosgeb applied entrepreneurship training a new generation of entrepreneurs students, will be given. KOSGEB applied entrepreneurship training certificate will be given to students after the 70.000 30.000 TL TL kosgeb young entrepreneurs with starting a business grant in the case of a two-year grace period and an interest-free loan will be entitled to support.

Headers Education

  • KOSGEB practical entrepreneurship education
  • The Process Of Institutionalization
  • Effective Management Techniques
  • Data Mining
  • The New Turkish Commercial Code
  • Project Management
  • Competition Jointly
  • Contract Management

Training programs, lecture notes and details will be communicated later.

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