Mentoring System

Friday 12 April until the day of our project, all the applications will be evaluated. Your references our association you can do so by filling out the form below, or via the internet. Academy of young entrepreneurship Mentoring 30 students will be selected for the system with the following properties.


  • Minimum two years of business for making
  • Minimum 3 employing people,
  • Being a member of GGYD,
  • Don't allocate enough time for the candidate to undertake the project and the young entrepreneur
  • Accepting to participate in teaching mentoring
  • Training will be held within the scope of the project and don't agree to participate in the activities of all kinds
  • Problem-solving ability,and leadership potential, having
  • The best way that happened in the real business world be willing to transfer to the island


  • Stage 1: the members of the association to be made from volunteer-based with references, a list will be created.
  • Stage 2: the chairman of the Association, the project official responsible for the Groups mentor, instructor and project supervisor mentoring process that was created by a committee from the list of the 50 required criteria, the mentor will select the candidate.
  • Stage 3: This mentorship training will be given to the candidates 24 hours. The first planned training program are as follows;
    • Wednesday 20 March 2013 Time:17:00-21:00,
    • Wednesday 27 March 2013 Time:17:00-21:00,
    • Wednesday 3 April 2013 Time:17:00-21:00
    • Wednesday 10 April 2013 Time:17:00-21:00
    • Wednesday 17 April 2013 Time:17:00-21:00
    • Wednesday 24 April 2013 Time:17:00-21:00
  • Stage 4: Mentoring will be determined by the board at the end of training 30 people are still most suitable. (Candidates may be asked to take a written exam at the end of the training.) To live any mishap as a precaution, the mentor, the candidate will be held as a backup for the other 20.

Please use the form below by filling out send an email to the address.

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