"Here is my chance meetings 45" - Mr. Özlem Şengül Leather Oyak Yatırım Analyst

REMINDER: TODAY time:16.00 also ZOOM which will be held on 45. Here's Our the opportunity of meeting guests;

Oyak Yatırım Analyst Özlem Şengül Leather

Financial futures and Treasury Department Group Director, Marine Kumcuoglu

Oyak Securities Alper, director of technical analysis will be Erginol.


Our business meeting which will begin their presentations with videos that describe our members, our guests,

Craving For Leather “During The Period Of Pandemic Economic Outlook Report”

Kumcuoglu sea “products of a few, especially if you currently use the product with which this risk”we need to

Alper Original “stock and about technical support and resistance points on other products

Topics will continue with the presentations.


After the presentations of our guests ask in the question and answer section

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