"Here Is My Chance Meetings 40"

The opportunity to work on our meeting September 17, 2019 40. the Green Park Hotel Si was realized with the participation of Mr. Murat sagman famous economist.


Here is the opportunity of our meeting at the meeting Information Mr. Murat sagman Association University professor and economist, the future of the Turkish economy, the dollar and interest rates is found in important estimates.

Our association, the organization of Turkey's most important business and experience sharing opportunity at the 40th meeting brought together hundreds of guest. Held at the Green Park Hotel in addition to the members of the association at the first meeting of the new season, I attended a great number from all who are curious about the future of the economy. Our president, in his opening speech to work during the long summer period without Dec, a non-governmental organization with the high performance they expect from their activities would continue, he said. As a country of the unique elements that we need to work harder, produce more our president, underlining that “the management of the economy for a recovery in the economy, the financial and the real sector, it is inevitable for a world to take radical steps,” he said.

- New 24 October Discount-

After our meeting the podium, a recognized economist with accurate estimates, Mr. Murat there was milk. His interest deduction in a row the central bank rate decreased from 24 percent to 16.5 percent, is reminiscent of milk, “the central bank may make between 50 and 100 basis points between the interest deduction on 24 October. The top it's too risky. The target is to reduce inflation if it should continue to do so. The problem with both inflation and us both at the same time we want to grow. Low inflation than we're going to grow. In this economy is impossible,” he said. Investment for Turkey's growth, emphasizing that there is a need for private banks for investment loans Sagman, “the sunken instead of producing companies; exporting companies, with the support of the public should save money, the proceeds, which should be transferred to the real sector investment, production, exports, and hence growth you get,” he said.

- After 12 Months Dollars I Think...”

In his speech, Turkey is not a country as indebted as it is thought, with developing countries noting that our debt is almost the same like us, Mr. Murat Sagman, “Even we're better off than the developing countries. The trouble is, we're very elimination of foreign currency debt,” he said. Economist Murat Sagman is the most anticipated on the movement of the dollar, and said: “after 12 months of the central bank, the exchange rate, the expectation of 6,27. If interest rates are lower in the month of October would be my guess...”

First, reforms and Inflation-

In the speech of Mr. Murat milking of structural reforms should be implemented in all areas, including law, and not necessarily the year, our focus to lower inflation in the country is essential and that this problem was solved when he said that 70 per cent to 80 percent of the problems would be eliminated. Inflation down, interest rates too, you'll get sagman reminding me, “we have solved all these problems, let it be the desire of growth. We want to get everything done simultaneously. This doesn't happen. Let's be patient,” he said.

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