About us

About us

A business man with an entrepreneurial spirit one of the women in the business, carrying on activities in the public and private sector CEO and member of the economy with value added 4-5 billion 520 per year on average, giving a total of around 20 thousand jobs and that creates a non-governmental organization.

Value added, investment and employment environments by creating advanced and socially engaged in activities in the field of economics for a turkey GGYD-to-date in the most diverse fields of commercial, social and cultural projects has carried out the activities.

The primary objective of ggyd spread throughout the country, a wider union and Turkey under one roof to create an integrated power of putting the name of the association with Turkey's leading strength and dynamism in front of the name is to be.

Frequent economic crises of economy and finance because of the difficulties of making rant negative factors such as the cost of production, impede entrepreneurial thinking and entrepreneurs. This GGYD on the ground, but higher quality world markets with efficient production and marketing, it might be possible to open with the awareness that gives direction to its activities.

The members of the association to regulate the activities for the development of social and commercial relations between the members by giving seminars on various topics to subsequent innovation, to exchange ideas on current developments dernekcilik a layout creator, following member countries of the European projects by non-governmental organizations develop partnerships with Social projects and aware of their responsibilities in developing and implementing the culture of democracy is an association with the values of the Republic.

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